Welcome to my site. Transforming peoples lives means a lot more than planning meal programs and making bodies sweat to me. It means a full revolutionary change of mind, body and strength.


I focus on helping you be happier and stronger. I guide you to believe in yourself. Let me help you be the best version of you!


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what i can do for you:

  • personalized meal plans

    Delicious, quick and easy meals designed just for you! Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free? No problem, I have the best nutritious options for you

  • Workout Programs

    Your program put together for the gym or at home. My techniques focus on boosting fat burn and you receive new programs every 4 weeks

  • motivation & online support

    There when you need it! Motivation, support and tips to keep you going! Q&A's online anytime, I'm always available to help.

what they say:

All ladies are welcome, regardless of your age or current levels of fitness.



It’s never too early or too late to start working on being the healthiest you. Get started with my FABin4 weeks program


V Pack Vixens


Become part of a sisterhood where women support each other in their goals and make incredible things happen!

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