A Few Things To Watch Out For When Eating Clean

A Few Things To Watch Out For When Eating Clean

1. Watch out for sneaky calories.

Liquid calories are a good example — cool drinks , teas, coffees, energy drinks, vitamin waters and more, all contain calories that we don’t realise, and then you might wonder why you’re not losing weight. Other examples include salad dressings, sauces, little bites of foods that “don’t count”, smoothies, candies or chips you snack on from the break room, meals that are bigger than you realize. There are many others, of course.

2. Do not make it extreme.

People will try any diet if they think it’ll work — the Grapefruit Diet, the Cookie Diet, a liquid diet, a “cleanse” or “detox”, an 800-calorie a day diet, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Lemonade detox. These diets are not healthy and you won’t get good nutrition. Remember: you’re in this for the long term – it’s a lifestyle.

3. Don’t starve yourself.

A little hunger is OK — I’ve learned that it won’t kill me to go slightly hungry for a couple hours. But if you feel like you’re starving, you might be reducing too drastically. Again, it’s best to reduce portions a little at a time, get used to that amount, and then reduce a little more.

Hope this helps!

Love Vee