Being a part of the V Pack by San-Salomie

Being a part of the V Pack by San-Salomie

At the beginning of this year I received this in my mail box and decided now would be the right time to share it.  Sanna really motivated and inspired me to want to help and change a lot more ladies mindsets and how they value themselves and I can’t thank her enough for this! Here it goes…

I just wanted to write to you and say THANK YOU for kicking my butt back into gear .

The last 7 weeks have been challenging and very hard to maintain each day’s training being a full time working mommy , but I have managed to train at least 3 times a week as a minimum , which I feel is so much better than missing 3 years of training . The last time I trained this much and hard was when I was still pregnant with Jano . We even bought a Jeep Jogger pram for me to jog with him as a baby after he is born , but it never happened . I think if I jogged 1km with him maybe twice in 3 months it would have been a lot K So I went from being a fit pregnant mommy , to a flabby hot mess haha . I always loved eating healthy , but when you have a husband at home who cycles and his diet thrives on carbs and you have a baby who has to eat certain foods for his growth , then you are too tired to cook 3 different meals each night . Especially when you try to get back into working hard for your boss again and sleeping less than 6 hours a night ( and those are the good nights ) .

So I literally got stuck in a routine of just resting when I had a moment to myself , which was a comfort zone to me , but little did I realise that these resting moments would impact my physique and feeling good about myself so much . I guess when you are in this situation you think that you are doing the best you can and you get used to not feeling great .

I was so wrong ! When I took my first set of pics to send to you and my measurements , I honestly thought I looked better than when I actually looked at the pics and the written numbers of my measurements . I felt awful in an instant ! I realised I have been living under a rock and seriously lost myself somewhere – for the first time since I became a mommy , I cried and missed my 25 year old body . I immediately knew that you were gonna be the best thing that is going to happen to me now and that I will try my best and push my hardest to reach my goals and create a new lifestyle for myself . Not just for these 8 weeks , but for the rest of my life . I started thinking positively and not just for my physique but also for my health and my wellbeing .

I feel great !!! yes , I still have a long way to go and my cellulite and flabs have not yet miraculously disappeared but I honestly found myself again . I know it sounds ridiculous , but when you become a mommy , you don’t think you deserve anything for yourself and your only focus is your child and your family and whether they are happy . And somewhere along the line , you become your child’s mother and husband’s wife , but no longer is there space for YOU . And you gave this part back to me by getting me to participate in the Vpack Winter Challenge . I feel good , I am not as tired even if I had a horror night with Jano and slept 2 hours max , I am so much more fit and less out of breath , I eat super healthy , I feel less flabby and wobbly and my skinny pants all start to fit again and I am less shy in a bikini and undies . THANKS SOOOO MUCH FOR THAT !!!

So never stop encouraging so many women like me and always do what you do best ! Getting women of all sizes , situations and shapes to truly be who they have always wanted to be and to live healthy .



Lots of Love

Sanna ♥