Booty Exercises To Help You Build, Shape and Lift That Butt!

Booty Exercises To Help You Build, Shape and Lift That Butt!

There is a lot to be gained from daily exercise that goes well beyond a good physique. Commitment to a fitness program builds self-confidence and promotes creativity.

If your booty could use a little work, take your pick of the following targeted exercises and build, shape or lift to your heart’s content.

If you want to add size to your butt, you’ve got to go heavy. 

The SquatHands down the best exercise to build mass. Train smart and slowly work your way up in weight. Do squats and use a wide stance to activate more muscle fibers.

The Hip ThrustThe hip thrust seriously activates the glutes, stretches the hip flexors and corrects muscle imbalance at the same time. If you are unfamiliar with the hip thrust you can always google a video of the exercise.

Crank up the intensity and burn fat while you build muscle with these functional moves.

The Walking LungeThis move requires balance. Drive through the front foot and only use the back foot for support. Hold a weighted ball overhead for more challenge.

BurpeesYou hate them, but your butt loves them! Make it harder by doing a tuck jump at the end.

There is ample opportunity to work your booty throughout the day: squeeze your cheeks while you brush your teeth, take the stairs and walk more often. Keep in mind that genetics and the width of your hips play a part in the shape of your butt so don’t get too caught up in the way it looks.

Remember, you’re already perfect the way you are.

Much love,