Equinox Beauty Box Full Body Massage Experience

Equinox Beauty Box Full Body Massage Experience

Girls love being pampered, there’s no doubt about that. I was lucky enough to be treated to a full body massage by Equinox Beauty Box located in Kloof Mall in Square Bubble Hair Dressing.

I’ve recently started my journey with Park Run SA, thanks to the Vixens. The next morning I usually feel like I’ve run half way across the world. My body aches, from my shins, my calves, glutes, you name it!

Amanda saved me with a full body massage; I think I even drifted into such deep relaxation that I might’ve been making small grunts like a puppy getting it’s first belly rub.

Massage therapy is an excellent method to relieve and reduce swelling by increasing the flow through our lymph nodes, making us feel more energized, eliminating toxins and dead cells, even increasing ability to fight infection. This beauty boutique is all about the intimacy and having a personal and strong relationship with clients.

The Vibe

As I walked in I was greeted by a warm and friendly smile on Amanda’s face, ever so excited to have me there. I immediately relaxed after running around from meeting to meeting that day (not to mention the stress of my list of things to get done for the weekend).

The Treatment

By the time Amanda started massaging my feet, I knew I was in for a good time. If I had to go on about how every muscle was relieved this blog would take forever. The calming music and rejuvenating ointments made me feel as though I was floating on the softest clouds. It was an hour of full bliss and I had aches relieved and muscles rubbed that I didn’t even know existed! It was perfect and I never once wished the experience would end – I can’t wait to book my next one!

The Result

  1. I felt so much more relaxed and ready to tackle my workload!
  2. My aches and pains from training weren’t so bad anymore
  3. I felt like I’d had a deep sleep and was super energized
  4. It improved my digestion and gave me a little immunity boost


A Full Body Massage costs R430.00. Equinox also offers different massage packages. I have a few 10% off coupons for Equinox Beauty Box, inbox me if you’re interested to treat yourself, you won’t regret it!

Contact Amanda on (Whatsapp / call) 0647573293 / 0727949190