BABES! The holiday season is upon us and now is your chance to stay on track and get some awesome results while having fun! It’s not too late to smash some goals before 2020 is over.

Let’s be real 2020 has not been the greatest year for many of us, and a lot of us have not reached a few small goals we were hoping to! So why not finish on a more positive note? This 4 week challenge will get you looking and feeling your best, during the holiday season. DROP BODY FAT, IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS and CHALLENGE YOURSELF with ‘anywhere’ style training!

You got this girl!


Let’s get fit and festive!

What’s different about this challenge?

* New workout split to target your glutes, upper & core, as well as full body sessions.

* New workout videos! Yay!

* Enjoy a different style of working out to challenge your fitness and coordination, just in time for the holiday period.

We want to get you more fit and fab than ever!

* Let me teach you how to eat intuitively and not let your cravings get the better of you!

Each week you will receive a new weekly challenge within our Facebook Community Group,

this will be something fun to share with the rest of the VPACK plus push your body that little bit further!

Brand new recipes! Plus exclusive extras in the facebook group for all your holiday cooking needs!


The workout program –

Holiday Mode or Savage Session options are available. Challenge yourself no matter where you are!

4 week training program with 5 sessions a week. This challenge focuses on optimising fat loss while maintaining your curves,

increasing your fitness, challenging yourself with plyometrics style training while still being festive and leanient.

Training days include glutes, upper body and core, lower body and 2 full body days. Can you feel the burn already?


The meal plan –

NEW delicious festive meals!

A meal plan with a regular or vegetarian option to suit your dietary needs.


+ more!


Our Christmas Gift to You!

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