How Dr Chase helps me recover and maintain physical health!

How Dr Chase helps me recover and maintain physical health!

If you are passionate about being fit, then you probably want to get the most out of the time you are in the gym, especially if it’s limited! One way I am benefiting my fitness routine is through Dr Chase’s chiropractic care.

Most people think visiting a chiropractor is for back or neck problems.  I visit Dr Chase for a lot of reasons including muscle tightness/stiffness and maintenance.

Our bodies are impacted a lot when we lift heavy and even when we do cardio. When our spines aren’t aligned or are injured they can cause irritation in our nervous system, which eventually starts to affect other areas in our bodies. As a result, our training suffers. This is why I am adjusted regularly; most of my success is due to Dr Chase and his regular chiropractic care.

Top Reasons I visit Chase:

  1. Headaches
  2. Shoulder/Neck/Back pain
  3. Tight Glutes
  4. Injury prevention (Maintanence)

Dr Chase stays away from medication and surgery, I always leave knowing something new. He loves teaching his patients how to look after their bodies and not hurt themselves and has studied a sports course for chiropractic injuries. Get a hold of him if you feel like your body could be doing a lot better and you’re not sure why it isn’t. He also does dry needling, which I absolutely LOVE! I’ll save that for another blog.

Look after your spines and train even better!

Dr. Chase Mc William

063 390 6222