How to keep fitness from feeling scary!

How to keep fitness from feeling scary!

Girls have a hard time sticking with a fitness routine because they’re afraid of it—whether it’s tricky exercises, complicated gym equipment, or daunting distances. In truth, there’s nothing to fear. But we’re all human. Here’s how to get rid of imagined fitness monsters, so you can find workouts you love, and make your routine stick.

Find Your Fun 

Life is short—too short to waste doing anything you don’t love or at least like.  Maybe you love how you feel after a good sweat session. Maybe you love running and swimming. Whatever it is that lights even the smallest of sparks within you—do it! It will be easier to stick with something you love.

Shift Your Perspective

Even pro athletes can get a case of the nerves. Sometimes it helps to shift your perspective. Grounding yourself in your identity can help calm you down! You are you!

Most people feel good after a workout. Remembering why you came—as well as the joy you feel post-workout (or even, hopefully, during your workout or activity) can help you push through even the toughest of sweat sessions.

Ask for Help

Many gyms offer at least one free personal training session or consultation, creating a perfect opportunity to ask a trainer how to do some basic exercises, or show you how to use key machines, or get a coach, someone to push and motivate you!

Try a Class

Fitness classes are an excellent way to learn new moves and stay motivated. Everyone involved is in the same boat, charting the fitness waters. Creating a social network around fitness, or at least buddying up, can help keep you feeling motivated, this is why I have the V-Pack!

Exercise at Home 

For those who really like the quiet and solace of being home alone, it’s easy to get a complete, total-body workout in your own space. You can perform bodyweight moves or ask me for a home training program!