My Fitness Journey begins at the end of my comfort zone- all Thanks to the V PACK ♥ By Jozi Mommy

My Fitness Journey begins at the end of my comfort zone- all Thanks to the V PACK ♥ By Jozi Mommy

I lived healthy “enough” in my mind. Balanced and eating on-the-go heatlhy foods that I thought would ease my busy schedule as a working mom. Training every now and then when I got the chance and honestly felt like it.

This year, I have been trying to become an even healthier me – literally checking ingredients and cooking / baking at home for healthier results and that’s when I decided to join this programme, but this time around, being fully committed and really training hard and putting in that extra effort has changed me !  Not just has it changed my mindset so much, but it has changed my body! Even in the first week already! I couldn’t believe the results I started seeing. And I did not use anything extra / do anything other than train and stuck to my coach’s programme and eating a LOT and super healthy ! And I have TIME ! because I meal prep every weekend for the week ahead, I don’t have to cook at night anymore – the only extra thing I do is maybe cook some potatoes or pasta for the guys to add to their meals which are the same as mine because let’s be honest – what’s better for your child, noodles / box fish or super healthy veggies, brown rice and chicken ? ( luckily I don’t have a fussy eater at home )

I actually train, we eat together as a family and I get to spend more time with my husband and my son equally. All because I’m more energised, I plan my weeks and meals ahead and make sure I have all meals prepped and don’t spend hours shopping for ready meals which even though they say are healthy , has so many added things you shouldn’t be getting in , neither do I spend hours at night in the kitchen with all the cooking. And the myth that it is more expensive to be healthy is just that – I shave spent SO much more money on take out and ready meals from the nearest super store, a quick bottle of wine here and there, that this new lifestyle is actually saving us money! AND TIME! And the guys have a super relaxed and content woman at home each night, because I feel AMAZING ! I am so glad I made this mind shift and strutted my stuff into a healthier lifestyle with SUCH benefits already – I am sure we will see amazing health benefits during winter with less MSG and added preservatives that are so super bad for your body. My skin is feeling fantastic without having all sorts of nonsense loaded into my body

And to top it all, I gained some extra recipe strengths that I never knew I could cook before. For the first time, I started making soups, protein pancakes, protein balls, egg white quiches, stuffed sweet potatoes, stuffed pepper recipes and the list goes on

Thanks so much Veronique for coaching me, for believing in me and for pushing me harder every time and NOT judging my body at all, but complimenting it each time  It is such fun and so amazing to be a VPack Vixen – for all ages, all body types, all sorts of goals and reasons why the vixens are all doing this for themselves and for having the KNOWLEDGE to change bad habits into much better ones.

I am super excited to see a whole new me in the next couple of weeks !!!!

And I will send my progress pics tonight xxx

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