Babes – you can 100% lose weight and get fit without giving up drinking. If you’re downing bottles of rosé with your bestie on the regular, you for sure have to make some changes, but definitely don’t need to give it up completely.  Yes pina coladas, mai tai’s and other sugary drinks are out, but you can totally still do happy hour without feeling guilty after.

I can’t even tell you how many nights I used to go out, get drinks filled with simple syrups and sugary things, and come home feeling like ASSSSSSSS. Not ok and kinda makes you wish you hadn’t done it. It was more than the booze, the sugar was making me feel so sick. Plus it added hundreds of unnecessary calories to something that is already an extra. So that’s why I decided to opt for a ‘healthier’ option.

This drink is my FAVE. Under 100 calories and just super delish!


1 shot Tequila or Vodka

1 cup Mineral or Soda Water (low sodium)

1/2 freshly squeezed lime juice

1 mint sprig (stem) muddled

*About 96 calories per serving . Recipe makes 1 serving.

Add as much ice as you like – it’s even nicer if it’s crushed!

Adding the mint and lime give this drink a super fresh and yummy flavour without adding any extra calories. I love doing it with tequila, lots of extra lime, and sometimes jalapeño to make a REAL skinny marg! You can have your drinks guilt free and enjoy a good night out!

Yum, tag me in your creations and I hope you enjoy!

Love Vee