It is not often you see yourself surrounded by a group of genuinely beautiful women who are capable of empowering another beautiful woman… Well wrong, in the V Pack, you find it all.

2017, March – I was too scared to take on this risk. I asked Vee about the programme and she told me, my confidence was probably at the lowest it’s ever been, I never believed I could do it, I never believed that I was going to better myself. Instead of trying and seeing it all, I lay back ate the chips, ate the chocolate, drank and consumed WAY too much sugar… just became a little ball of nothing. I was feeling really down and just never bothered trying because I just knew I couldn’t do it. I was demotivated. When we planned a trip to Malaysia and Taryn Agliotti and Roxanne Norman had then joined V Pack to get them summer bodies. I didn’t take it to serious and eventually just ignored the bad feelings about myself and never made a difference. I carried on with my unhealthy lifestyle.

2017, November – I came to see myself surrounded by all these woman, mainly Roxanne Norman and Taryn Agliotti, their lives were effecting changes, from eating habits, to gyming routines and motivation, to radiation in their faces, to beauty of their confidence, that’s when it hit me. I wanted to be a Vixen to test myself, I want the change, hope, inspiration and a reason to feel good… follow
in their footsteps become something more than what I am… Wow to date (25 Jan. 18) it has been the best decision
I ever gave to myself.









Joining the V Pack and becoming a Vixen was not only a pleasure, it was a movement of empowering each other supporting each other becoming something more in life, together. I have never been a confident woman, since joining the V Pack, I have been able to wear something that actually looks good, I have received such pleasurable compliments, I have been able to see myself for something I never thought I would see but the most important, I have gained my confidence back I have gained, SELF LOVE.

My whol26903662_2084905978404634_6297826062343908459_ne life, I’ve always felt like the person that wasn’t good enough the girl that no one could love. I never saw myself the way I do today. Growing up I would always be a bit of a judgmental person because it was one thing that kept me kind of happy bad I know, but nothing else made a difference in my life except trying to be a mean person who had control over people and not really, all I really did was make them scared or dislike me. It’s not something I am proud of, but it took me almost ten years to see the beauty within myself, to see that the flaws of myself were pushed through onto others, hating judging being a mean woman was because I couldn’t love myself and I couldn’t be what all these other great women are… But now, it is with joyous tears I state that for the first time in my life, I see reason, I see love, I see empowerment mainly I see me, and the best part is I FINALLY LOVE ME <3

My coach, Vee, doesn’t enjoy taking credit and always puts it on us, but today I won’t have it. It is because of my coach Veronique the creator of the V Pack that I have conquered not only insecurities, not only the need for motivation, I have conquered my very own being. It’s a good feeling to throw all the comments I’ve received from nasty people away but its even better to be able to say I don’t care… I am me and I am great. It would never have been possible if I never got my mind on a healthy path and a fit level. Everybody wants to be something, what they don’t realise is you’re the owner of that goal and you’re the person to push. With the V Pack – pushing and motivation isn’t a problem,

Because there is a support group and the ladies there are absolutely incredible. They are women of strength, love, non-judgment, flip they allow you to be you and they accept you no matter what you feel or how you feel… It is a blessing. When I am feeling down the V Pack support gives me that little bit to remind myself why I’m doing this and also to prove that I am never alone <3 The stories from some of the vixens is heart warming and some heart breaking but their progress and their motivation for each other, you will never know or understand those feelings unless you join and see it for yourself!! <3

I am a proud Vixen, and this is by far the best choice I’ve ever made <3 Thank you Coach, Vixens and the universe <3 All things at the right time and all things come as they are meant to be <3


Love Lexi