FABin4 – 4 Week Program


what is FABin4?

FABin4 is a 4 week program in which you commit to creating a healthier you! You can WIN Vixen of the Month depending on your progress, dedication and how active you are online.

What you get

  • Monthly detailed exercise plans
  • Workout routines for gym/home
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Supplement guides
  • Online support group
  • Discounts with affiliated brands
  • Discounted V Camps
  • Monthly V Pack Meets

What to expect

  • A fun program designed to create a healthier you!
  • A chance at winning prizes
  • Form a sisterhood with other ladies on the same journey

Each package is customized to your needs and goals specifically! You receive a new and adjusted meal and training plan every 2-4 weeks depending on goals and progress. Remember this is to help start you and guide you in the right direction and will only see progress if you stay committed! Its all up to you!