Let’s start off the new year MOTIVATED AF and SMASH our resolution goals! My 2021 NYE challenge focuses on not just getting you into your most confident shape, but hella strong too (mentally and physically)! Put aside your excuses, and let’s get to work girl!


This challenge is set up with 5-6 training days per week. It progressively gets a little more challenging as the weeks go on and as your strength increases! You’ll also be fueling your body with the best and tastiest meals!


Yes babe! If you’re a beginner or NOT – you can totally tap into this program, it’s all about setting your intention for 2021 and make sure you reach the goals you’ve been wanting to!


Challenge Dates: Jan 4 – Jan 31 2021 / Jan 11 – Feb 7 2021


*Avaliable in PDF only


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