Reach Your Goals!

Reach Your Goals!

Hey Girls!

Over the next few weeks I will be writing on topics you are all asking me about, helping you build your perfect body leading into summer and even some secrets you are going to love!

Let’s start here!

  1. Diet

You think just working hard in the gym will get you the body you want? Think again. No matter how many exercises you do, without a proper meal plan you won’t achieve results that you could. You should be eating about 3-4 small portion meals and snacks between. Aim for high protein meals such as chicken, fish, or non-fat Greek yogurt.  Enjoy good fats from foods like nuts, fish oil, and avocados. Aim for nutrient packed meals and foods that will help your shredded abs heal up day after day for maximum gain!

  1. Cardio

Another key component to tightening your abs is fasted cardio. You should be active daily for at least 30 minutes of high intensity. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean sprinting or intense sports – but those could help for sure! Even just 30 minutes of mid-high level intensity walking on an incline treadmill while reading your favorite book will be good enough. Upping your cardio will shred those extra pounds of stubborn fat around your core and tighten up your abs to give the shredded effect.

  1. Core Strength Workouts

Strength training is the best way to get a shredded stomach and the final stage to a sculpted core. Crunches are great and all for some upper ab work but truth is – the crunch is dead and gone. You will see many people with slight definition in their higher/mid ab region. The true shredded abs look comes from your lower ab and oblique workouts. Exercises such as hanging leg raises, planks, and weight twists will target those hard to hit areas and begin to tighten and build out your core like you couldn’t even imagine.

This is just the a little bit of what can be done to help reach your goals!

Now, let’s get you to that summer body!  Contact me for personal meal plans and workout programs!

Much love,

Vee 🙂