Throwback To Vixen Of March!

Throwback To Vixen Of March!

A Vixen for the month is rewarded to a lady who demonstrates what a real V Pack Vixen should be like. One who keeps to her diet, training and sends constant feedback in terms of pictures, training, meals etc. Miss Vixen receives a delicious cheat meal and a secret prize at V Pack Meets and is featured on the VM Fitness website and social pages.

Why Camilla? 

Camilla was selected as Vixen Of March due to her determination and support of the other ladies.  She made a huge adjustment and change to her life and through this received amazing results in as little as a month!  The way she encourages her fellow teammates to be the best they possibly can is true reflection of a V Pack Vixen!

Follow her on Instagram, be a part of her journey! @miss_c_perez

Her Testimony

“Transformation Tuesday: Today I share a photo with you that was taken about +- a week ago. I was not happy with my body and hated taking my photos for check in, Till V showed me how much I’ve transformed. I myself never believed until proven otherwise. It’s actually remarkable how much her program works, but it only works if you choose to make it work , there for Choose Day is the day you choose to become a better you or the same old you (boring). In all honesty, I never thought I’d win anything because iv never won anything for something I actually accomplished, that’s why it took me a day or two to say thank you because it’s not what I expected or was use to , so I was taken back.”

Who is our next Vixen, watch my pages to find out!

Much Love,