Vixen Intention Board? What’s that?

Vixen Intention Board? What’s that?

Since I have been focusing on setting intentions, I have reached so many goals (no joke) it’s absolutely MIND BLOWING! Each day is an opportunity to renew our self love and set intentions.
Many of us set goals to accomplish big tasks like getting a new job or losing weight. We often set life-long goals, yearly goals and even monthly goals of tangible things we wish to accomplish. It is time to start setting monthly intentions! Is there something you’ve been wanting to change or work on and haven’t gotten round to it?  Maybe you want to go outside for 15 minutes a day, spend less time on your phone or be nicer to yourself. Whatever it is, let’s make each month have a purpose that will make you complete small goals to make your life better.

At the beginning of each month, I urge you to take a few moments to realise what you want to focus on. Maybe you want to focus on patience or self-love. Set as many intentions as you would like! You could set 1 or 5, as long as you’re working towards it every day. This is the perfect way to reset each month and reflect on what you have done and where you want to go. Making monthly intentions, breaks your yearly goals down into smaller, more achievable tasks.

Not only will you find yourself being more productive, you will feel happier and more fulfilled. This sounds like an amazing habit to make. I challenge you to make your own monthly intentions!
Here are my intentions for this month:

1. Get more comfortable saying “NO”
2. Daily meditation to be more present, learning to breathe
3. Take time to unplug every single day
4. Be more intentional with the time I spend with my loved ones

Here is an intention board for you – fill in whatever your intentions may be.  You can post them on your IG page and tag me, share them in our group or keep them to yourself.  I feel like writing them here is the first step to achieving them – this worked for me!
But, what does it mean to set an intention?

Setting an intention is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions.

And where do you start?

There are many ways to begin. I suggest starting with open-ended phrases and questions to guide you through the process of discovery.

Here is an easy process to follow in 5 steps:

1. Start with this exercise that helps you quickly associate intention with action.

Over the next few months, I will:

Let go of…
Be more…
Take time to…
Release my fear of…

2. Then move on to more thought provoking prompts that will help you uncover your desires.

Reflect on the first half of this year:

What is a valuable lesson you’ve discovered this year?
What was one of the biggest challenges you faced so far this year?
How did you grow this past year?
What was weighing you down at the beginning of this year?
How would you rate your health and wellness?
What fears are holding you back?
What habits are no longer serving you?

Begin to look ahead:

What are you most passionate about?
What ways do you want to improve your health in the last few months of this year?

What does your best-self look like?
What areas would you like to grow?
What would routines would you like to incorporate into your daily practice?
What would you do if fear was not holding you back?

3. Refine your intentions. The best way to do this is to:

Review each of your intentions and categorise them into areas like, wellness, career, relationships, habits, etc.

Once you have done this, eliminate repetition.
Rank in order of how important each item is to your well-being and happiness.
Organise each one by the intended frequency or goal. An easy way to do this is to indicate Day, Month, Year, (D, M, Y), next to the intention. This will allow you to prioritise them in a ways that help you tackling ‘larger overall goals’ that are bigger items that you have set for the next few months without feeling overwhelmed.
Write your intentions. The most effective way to set, maintain and track your intentions is to write them and say them aloud. Use a journal for listing each of your wishes and keeping up to date with progress or obstacles. It will be important to fine-tune your list along the way.
This is your list and your life. Setting intentions is a way to begin living with more purpose fulfilment and joy. By going through this exercise you can gain insight into areas of your life; where you would like to improve, what your true passions are or what is holding you back.

Here are a few things to remember during your journey:

  1. The goal of this exercise is to shed light into your heart and soul, and clear a path to your dreams.
  2. The goal is not to create more demands, pressures and stress in your life
  3. Don’t beat yourself up for any lack of follow-through.
  4. Find ways to live your life with joy regardless of situational influences.
  5. Practice gratitude each day and reach for good-feeling thoughts.
  6. When you experience positive momentum, ride that wave as long as possible.
  7. When you experience big disappointment or a series of small annoyances, take deep breaths and surrender to the universe.
  8. Meditate each day; find the silence to not only listen but to repeat your intentions.
  9. Let go of fear. Every day negative, repetitive thoughts will cloud the vision you have for peace of mind and happiness. Shift your focus quickly and release these thoughts as quickly as possible.
  10. Find a friend. Someone to discuss your progress with, someone to help encourage your progress.
  11. Trust the process. Things will unfold as they are meant to.


Lastly, read my ‘Four Mind-Body Shifts’ in this post to help you create a positive and safe space when it comes to your relationship with fitness and your body.
Thanks for reading babe!
All my love,