OMG! Yes, this is for real, the #vpackchallenge is back, after almost 4 years!


Our first challenge ever launched was in the beginning 2016, with just 8 ladies, so you can imagine how special this is going to be! In honour of how much VM Fitness and the V Pack has grown holistically, physically and full of love, we bring you the #vpackchallenge. Anyone may take part, no matter what your fitness levels may be, do each exercise to the best of YOUR, yes YOUR own ability and no one else’s.


This challenge is open to the public, you do not need to purchase your #vpackchallenge guide in order to take part, this is our gift to you!


  • 30 Days (11 Nov – 11 Dec)
  • 30 Mindful Tasks
  • 30 Workouts

And TONS of motivation along your journey via the @vpackvixens IG account and weekly newsletters!

How Do I Take Part?

Simply enter your email in the space below to download your guide.  This  includes a BASIC meal plan and how to commence and follow through your  journey.  You will need to follow the @vpackvixens page and tag  #vpackchallenge in each of your challenge tasks and posts.  You can even go as  far as tagging #vpackchallengeday1 to keep track of the tasks and days.

Any Prizes Up For Grabs?

YES!! A winner will be selected once transformations and testimonials are sent through on 11 December 2019.  You will receive a transformation sheet to fill out – this will be an overall transformation feedback on how you have  progressed physically and mentally!


The winner will receive a hamper from NPL, FitFarmGirl, JustAnotherSalon, MonBon co  and Blu Cherry Hair as well as 6 months of online coaching with me in 2020.


Do I Need To Do All Workouts / Days / Tasks And Start From Day 1 To Win / Take Part?

NO! Remember it’s not always about working yourself to the bone, being hard on yourself is a HUGE no.  It’s about how you make it work for you and GROW WITHIN!


Can workouts be done at home or are they gym based only?

Workouts can definitely be done at home! Most workouts include free weights, which can be swapped out for dumbbells / medicine balls / kettlebells or filled up water bottles!


Sign ups for this challenge are now closed.

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