Why Do We Eat More In Winter?

Why Do We Eat More In Winter?

It seems like the minute the weather turns colder, we crave more of the wrong foods. But why?

For many people, this means two things; the temptation to cosy up indoors where it’s warm, and a craving for comfort food. The salads of hot summer days are long gone, and at this time of year people look towards filling foods such as stews, pastas and soups to fight off the cold. For those dieting, this can make the winter months perhaps the most difficult of the year, and the temptation to eat foods high in calories and carbs can prove too much to bear. But why is it that we eat more in the winter months?

The bodies’ craving for high calorie foods is a reaction to this need for warmth, with the aim to put on weight in order to counteract the cold. These days, we don’t need quite as much extra weight, but the cravings are still a natural reaction that we shouldn’t be worried about.

So you’ve heard the answer before: moderation. If you crave carbs, try adding in some protein.

I instead of having a big bowl of pasta, have a chicken breast with some baby marrow spaghetti when I crave during Winter.  Remember, Summer bodies are created in Winter.  It’s okay to have one cheat meal a week, but don’t let all your hard work go to waste just to satisfy temporary cravings.

Come on ladies, we can do this!

Much love,